Commercial Machinery Mover

Machinery Movers

Commercial Machinery Moving

We can help you move all types of Commercial equipment and Machinery, relocate your plant anywhere in Southern California, Haul your commercial factory equipment such as Generators, Chillers, Cooling Towers, Lathes, CNC Mills, Hydraulic Presses, Injection Molding Machines, Horizontal and Veritcal Balers, even MRI and CT Scanners.

Coordination Process

Coordination is an integral part of the process and SAN BON has a proven track record of excellent coordination with all the key members for every project we take on.

Additional Steps

We will work with all project team members to define the logistical requirements for the commercial equipment move process, including hours of operations, placement of barricades if required and areas for deliveries.

Commercial Equipment Movers

We are a Professional Commercial Equipment Moving Company servicing Riverside CA and San Bernardino CA for over 50 years. We specialize in hauling small and mid-sized equipment for local businesses in Southern California. Call us today for an affordable commercial equipment moving estimate and let us show you why we are the best Commercial Machinery mover in Southern California

Commissioning and Project Closeout

One of the most critical stages of the process is the commissioning and closeout of the project. We work with the stakeholders at every stage including closeout and we insist on doing the job right the first time,

Final Inspections and Permits

SAN BON will work at every step of the process to ensure compliance with any local permits and inspections when moving your commercial equipment.